A Day in this Life

It’s the day-to-day bits that add up to a whole lot-O-life.

  • Missing Cat Found?

    A couple of weeks back now, Jayla came home from school and said to my wife and I, “I think I found Archie!” Now this was a bit of a surprising revelation considering that Archie, our 10 year old Persian cat, (filled with more hate than your average Westboro Baptist card carrying member) has been […]

  • Survivor's Guilt? I think not.

    Did We Just Have An Earthquake?

    So I’m just sitting at my desk, prepping some upcoming blog entries when all of a sudden it happens! The possibility of death happens. First it starts as a whisper… Something is behind my wall. Then. Nothing.   If a real earthquake could be considered the equivalent of the body having irritable bowel syndrome then […]

  • Carter and his dad

    The Path To Becoming a SAHD

    I can be a #SAHD? (Stay At Home Dad for the uninitiated)   A few months back, Wifey and I were having a discussion about life. You know the one about “Finding Happiness” and/or “How do we pay all these bills without creatively selling any of our orifices on craigslist” kind of talk? You know […]